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Is it worth it?

My science professor says
that entire nebulas collapse
the day a star is born. That even
the universe fears it’s ending,
and then, there’s something beautiful.

My history teacher pulled out the textbooks,
pointed to every blood-stained battle page,
the pictures of France with blood washing over the streets
like rainwater, the chains of Civil War,
rubble we have raised flags over again and again;
he says no revolution goes without pain.

The woman in the back of church points to her hands,
doesn’t tell me about Jesus, or Mohammad,
but teaches me that ever stitch in the skin of our fingers
is more miracle than rainbows following hurricanes.
She says to take my happiest memory, and imagine it
doubled. Says I have big things waiting.

A counselor across the hall says yes;
that living and dying is not about hospitals rooms,
or how it ends, but what happens in the middle.

The palm reader says there’s no trick to finding out
what happens,
but staying for the ride.

daisylongmile   I just wish I could see the future, just to see if all this pain is really worth the while. The feeling of not knowing what’s next eats me apart, almost as much as the worry and stress does to me.” (via daisylongmile)